It has been my privilege to witness some gloriously extraordinary households through my camera lens during this project. I asked households to show me what they were all doing during Lockdown to keep sane. There has been tumbling; gin-drinking; loo-paper wrestling; dancing; singing; pillow-modelling; crocheting; music; clapping, pink hair dying and a lot of laughter!

There has been much bravery and goodwill, I'm proud to know so many excellent people!





Socially distanced photographs taken on doorsteps to document lockdown life of households in the Stony Stratford area during the first Lockdown in May 2020.

Dylan Jeavons cd of his song 'Lockdown Love' using one of my photographs on the cover

This is a joyful record of what people did to stay sane during this period of time. If this meant sporting a onesie all day, gardening, training budgies, puzzles, baking, singing for neighbours or were a key worker, no one judged you.  I loved taking images of households standing at their front doors dressed for the occasion, complete with corona hair,  slippers and pets! This is going to be a fascinating part of our social history.

One of the musical participants from this project DYLAN JEAVONS has written and produced a gorgeous song called 'Lockdown Love'. The images used for the download are from this project and fit beautifully! A delightful collaboration. Please do have a look at the video from his song HERE

I would like to thank all the wonderful people who have taken part in this project, it has been an absolute blast and I wish you all every joy and peace for the future.


Photographs will be stored by Living Archive as social documentary of this time and could appear in an exhibition in the future.